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Saturday, March 04, 2006


March Edition, 2006



Steve DIY Profile/Kerri Taylor Profile

Hey there dear readers. Welcome to the March, 2006 edition of the Street Voice. I hope everyone survived the many events that took place from the Olympics to the Vice Presidents’ bad aim. This months edition is sure to fill you with content not found in the midst of any of the above events. We’d like to focus more on what it is you want to hear about. Steve, Vix and I have created articles worth perusing and as always there are some neat, terrific interviews and publicity information from talents we highly recommend. So read on, check us out. This is guaranteed to be a great ride. Grab the popcorn, put that movie on pause…fuck Jerry Springer…we’ve got information you just can’t get anywhere else…at least not all in one place.



Hey Peeps I didn't do an intro last time as I was pretty much typing this up to the very last minute like I am doing this issue. I think this is by far the strongest issue yet and I hope you enjoy it?!! There's some bloody good bands and models featured so go along to their sites and show them support. There's quite a bit happening over the next few months so keep tunes to Street Voice. You know it makes sense:-) Until next time have fun and if you see me at a bar - Mines a JD and Coke. With ice too you fuckers:-)


This issue is for Michelle my partner, Tara Rez, Kitty Kowalski, Quita, Gianni and Ev of Striker, Doug and Cherry Red, Household Name, Mensi, Jenny and Simon at Victory Records, Dek and the Drongo's, Vince at Chaos Agency, All the women who work at Rape Crisis UK, Anti Fascists everywhere and you for reading this. Keep Up The Good Fight!!



By the time you read this the Duel will be in America on a mini tour of the USA taking in 10 dates. Bands they will be playing include Red Alert, Sick On The Bus and The Radicts. They are also on the bill for the 'Brit Invasion' gig put on by SOS Records. Personally I think the Duel are one of the best bands doing the rounds at the moment and their yet to be released album confirms it for me. You're also never going to meet a more cooler person than Tara Rez(Vocalist) so check out their US dates and have a listen to some of their tunes. Please visit the above site. Hope all goes well Tara - I know you're going to have the best time. Lots Of Love Steve XXXX.



Valeze may be up-and-coming, but they aren't coming quietly! Rising to the top of the New York music scene with their hot shows and hotter frontwoman, Valeze has created more than another band. They've created a rock party. Valeze's provocative shows are pumped full of raw energy. With a whirlwind of melodically-crashing songs, they command the stage with fierce guitar riffs and the wicked vocals of the flirtatious and classically-trained Tiffany Randol. Building on their influences from the seminial bands of the late Seventies - Blondie, the Clash and the Sex Pistols in particular - Valeze has cultivated a sound all their own.

Live, the sexy Tiff may be the focal point, but the Valeze experience wouldn't be complete without the infectious energy of AC Delco (guitar), Joe H(bass), Tim Grace (keys)and Miles Kennedy (drums). Dressed to the nines in their matching suits and tiny ties, these guys instill fervor into each and every performance. Valeze is more than a hot New York band. They have nabbed the attention of corporate sponsors (Sam Ash, Panasonic, Mountain Dew, Garnier Fructis, and more) and when they're not thrilling Manhattanites, they're roaring across North America. From L.A. to Philly, Detroit to Toronto, Valeze is guaranteed to light up the night and wake up the neighbors!

Valeze are a wicked band and after hearing their 'Liar' EP I can safely say they just have to be heard. Please go here for a review of that EP.



When my co-editor sent me his request for the subject matter of this month’s column, I nearly blew soda all over my desk. ‘He can’t be serious’, I thought. Serious he was which left me with a very interesting way at looking at my personal preference very seriously. I had numerous conversations with my queer comrades under the query “What are the joys of same sex relationships?”

We all came up with the most obvious points…

For instance… when I first “came out”, rather, when I first accepted and acknowledged my sexual preference I was insanely happy that I would never again have to stick a penis in my mouth. Performing oral sex on a man was the worst thing about hetero-sex. I could go into why but let’s not and say I did. Not surprisingly, the thought of performing oral sex on a woman is precisely the thing that makes heterosexual women cringe.

Then there’s the fact that to me, women are softer; emotionally, mentally, physically. Their skin and lips are softer, their demeanor is softer, and their emotional and mental state of being is softer (generally). Sure, there are women that are lovingly referred to as “ball-busters” who give off this “Fuck-Off” vibe. However, as one who enjoys the company of women who qualify in these categories [as far as the male perception goes] I think these women are driven and determined and wonderfully soft and imaginative when not dealing with morons.

There’s the home-court advantage thing. Truth of the matter is…a female is more apt to know what a woman needs. Period! The same can be said for men. I mean, who would know how to fix your car better; a mechanic or the guy that built your car? Women can understand a woman’s needs. A woman can understand the effects of PMS and menstruation, giving birth, mammograms, hysterectomies, menopause, and of course-the sensitivity of the clitoris and the g-spot. Why? Because we all share these thoughts, issues, events and concerns. Even a woman who has never given birth would have a better understanding of the event than a guy. That’s just common sense. The fact that the whole world isn’t gay on this logic alone surprises me sometimes.

Here’s a fun advantage: looking for a little “bathroom break”? Not that sex in a stall is all that romantic, but sometimes, we all get those urges to just FUCK right then and there wherever we happen to be. Heterosexual couples have to choose a bathroom and pray they don’t get busted entering or exiting. How embarrassing! Two women walking into a bathroom and even into the same stall isn’t going to get nearly so many glances or hollers. Hee hee.

In a homosexual relationship between two women there’s never an argument about the toilet seat. I can call my partner and ask her to pick up tampons without thrusting her into a panic over having to be seen in public purchasing said articles. Some women can share clothing, shoes and personal effects such as the same flowery smelling soaps colognes and make-up. Chances are there are no embarrassing moments involving the contents of the bathroom trash-can.

The truth is that upon thinking about it, the real benefits were limited. By this I mean that most of the joy in my life comes from the people involved in my life, the things I do and who I am as a person—not the way I or they identify myself-themselves. I can be just as miserable in a relationship with a woman as a woman can be with a man. The real joy in being a lesbian is being comfortable enough with myself to know that being a lesbian doesn’t make me more or less deserving of love, affection, respect or the occasional thump upside the head.

This little article has given me the affirmation that being gay is really just a small part of who I am. (Thanks Steve!) The biggest obstacle is to accept it and me for what it is and who I am. Who I want to/choose to commit to, fornicate with, share my life with in an intimate way is only a part of the bigger picture. Though it does shape some of my life, in the grand scheme of things it’s just a summer rain falling into the depths of the sea. Makes you wonder what the big deal is, doesn’t it?




Kitty and her band have their new album out. It's called 'Chinese Democracy' is going to be one of the most sensible purchases you'll make regards buying music. I heard this beauty last year but when I saw Kitty in London last Saturday she had the finished product with her. I've played it a good few times now and this is truly a great piece of work. For the full review of this album please go here.



Violet is into Punk Rock and Feminism. A well cool lady and in this interview I ask her if she feels there are any contradictions between her modelling and being into feminism at the same time. In fact I ask her a few things and here's what Violet had to say:

SV: Hi Violet can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey, I'm Violet or Miss Eyes ( as i tend to get called a lot), I'm an alternative model or, as I tend to refer to myself as, as attention whore!

SV: How long have you been modelling?

I've been modelling on the alternative side of things for about 3 years now, I was first scouted in topshop many years ago and asked to do high fashion work which really doesn't appeal to me. I'm a huge fan of Bettie page and Dita VonTeese so I slowly edged towards that area of modelling and here i am today!

SV: I've checked out your photos on your site and they are beautiful shots so who were the lucky photographers?

Thank you. I've been lucky enough to work with some amazing photographers so far. Two of which I now class as close personal friends. The First photographer i worked with in the alternative scene actually only lives 15 minutes away from me and we meet up regularly for a gossip. The other photographer I have worked with is also one of my favorite alternative models too. She goes under the alias Beauty in darkness. Her modelling alias is Lucifera I'm hoping to do a shoot with her as Lucifera in the next few months.

SV: Being based in Lincoln does this cause you any problems with locating for shoots?

No Not really I'm happy hopping on and off trains. Ive had some of my most creative ideas while been sat at the trains stations waiting bored for delayed trains.

SV: I presume this is just a part time job for you?

At the moment yes, but I'm hoping to plunge into it full time over the next 6 months.

SV: At what age did you get in to Punk Rock and what were the bands that inspired you?

I was bought up in a household that listened to the Smiths U2 and the stranglers. I was into them until I was about 11 then I discovered Nirvana and Hole. Courtney Love became my idol over night and there on I discovered all the other bands such as Bikini Kill , Babes In Toyland etc etc and progressed into punkier stuff like the DK's and Rancid. I went to all the Vans warped tours when I was in my teens and will always remember blagging my way backstage after a Mad Caddies gig and hanging out with them and NUFAN - that's actually kills most of my friends who are all die hard Foo Fighters fans as Chris Schifflet left NUFAN and is now in The Foo's!. To be honest I think i have the most varied collection of music ever. I have everything from riot grrl through Madonna through to disturbed the Smiths and Gorilla Biscuits *lol* even a little Cyndi Lauper in there. I have had so much grief for a lot of the albums in my collection but punks an attitude and when you can be yourself and not care what anyone else thinks, then I'm my opinion you are punk as fuck!

SV: OK so you've posed nude which kinda goes against the Riot Grrl thing you're in to but I think it's fair to say you can be into both but do you get any criticism from feminists because of the your career choice?

Not really I never do anything distasteful or anything that goes against my feminist ethics. All my pictures show a woman as a strong character and, in my opinion, are arty. You'd never catch me doing the page three thing. To be honest I'm proud of my body I'm not a size 6 supermodel I'm a real woman with curves and i love showing them off. I adored Sophie Dahl when she was a size 16 but a lot of girls I have met feel they have to conform to the waif look to be accepted into society. I want to show them you can be just as beautiful with curves. Life's too short you know, if you want to eat chips then eat them!

SV: So what have been your favourite photo shoots so far?

My favorite shoots hmmm. that's a hard one. Ive worked with so many talented people and I always have fun when I'm in front of the camera.. can i cheat and say them all?????

SV: Outside modelling what do you get up to for fun?

I'm actually just starting up my own online shop at: shameless plug I know but it had to be done. I also play guitar ( yes I do have the sea foam green Fender Venus and a Jagstang in case you were wondering). I like shopping and just seeing my friends and family and having a good time. I tend to pick up and stray animals near me too,my home is like a zoo. Usually if i have music, chocolate and friends near me I'm happy.

SV: Anything you'd like to add?

"If they give you lined paper... write the other way!"
I read Alice Sebold's "the lovely bones" and that quote has stuck in my mind i love it.

Thanks to Violet for taking time out to do this interview. I think she comes across as a top person and has some well cool things to say. Cheers Violet.



"NEW YORK – kHz has begun to unveil its much anticipated album, Reality On A Finer Scale. The record is a journey through much of what’s been misplaced – musically, politically and socially – in this country since the dawn of the new millennium. This is a return to a time when smart lyrics and musical talent mattered more than the all-mighty dollar; and when reality TV sure as hell wasn’t a reality. kHz's music is highly original and groundbreaking - they combine the best of heavy rock music with the heart and emotion of pure melody. This is reality on a finer scale. Reality On A Finer Scale is more than just another heavy rock album. Here, big room tracks like “It’s Yours,” and “Let It Go,” are paired with the gorgeous melodies of “Broken (What Could Have Been,)” and the lush angelic soundscapes of “Alone.” The added bonus multimedia content contained on the disc should be viewed as an extension of the album, as should the recent re-launch of the band’s website These tools provide for the complete kHz experience. At the core of the kHz machine is the group’s singer, Raiana, and Pull, the multi-talented guitarist, keyboardist and programmer. Raiana has a persona much different from that of the ever present “teen female so – called rocker.” She’s the real thing: a burst of explosive energy that bleeds pure pain & honesty with a voice so angelic that you feel guilty about how she makes you feel. The talents of Pull are far reaching. He is responsible for kHz’s entire sound from conception through to the end of the mastering process. Beyond producing kHz, Pull is one of the most highly regarded remixers and sound designers in the business. He is frequently called on by top labels to remix work from some of the biggest artists in the world. His diverse cache of work includes remixes for Everything But The Girl, Shinedown, Brandy and Mindless Self Indulgence, just to name a few. Pull also provides original scores to VH1, MTV (including the entire “Driven” series) and Showtime. Even better live than on CD, kHz has received high marks across the country for its energetic live show. To date, kHz has appeared on stage with popular acts like, MDFMK, Hed (pe), DJ Starscream (sid from slipknot),Ampt, Gizmachi, Indexcase, The Creatures, Hooverphonic, Rasputina, Switchblade Symphony and Mindless Self Indulgence (to name a few)."

KHZ are one of the few bands that have blown me away this year. I really cannot recommend this band enough. I checked out their album earlier on this year and that review can be found here. On the basis of that brilliant album I ran an interview recently with KHZ and that can be found here



Black Velvet is the best magazine doing the rounds today - It has to be said Shari does a wicked job on every issue and I cannot recommend it enough. The love for Rock N Roll shows in this magazine and I for one am surprised this hasn't been picked up by a distributor and sold in the shops. Quality wise I can't complain and I'm glad that Shari dpes this magazine. She rocks big time. Check out the review of the latest issue here.



Hello Everyone!! I am Miss Molly Heartbreaker - Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world. She took the midnight train goin' anywhere- Ok so maybe that’s not me but you have to admit Journey’s pretty sweet…;-) Anyways, I am a 23 year old professional tease, model and dork- in no particular order- and I have been asked to write a column in this here newsletter…After driving myself nuts over what to write that could impress you all I figured I'd just take this time to introduce myself, maybe you can get a little idea on where I’m coming from…cause I certainly can’t..

The ABC’s of life (or at least according to Molly Heartbreaker)

A. is for Attitude – real simple don’t be a dick!
B. is for Bong rips, Beer and Boobies - life’s equation?
C. is for Coffee and Cheeseburgers – part of my nutritional diet.
D. is for DJ Alien- an old school friend, an underground hip-hop space hippy bringing u the future in musical sounds & technology. this dude knows his way around a turntable
E. is for Emo – this is a big “no-no” like talking to strangers, or sticking dirty needles in your eyes.
F. is for Friends – when all else fails you have your friends..dont ever forget your friends
G. is for Goth – WTF?! Can someone please tell me why everyone thinks I’m Goth?
H. is for Hypocrites – c’mon people practice what you preach…don’t say one thing and do another then get pissed at me when I call you on it…
I. is for Imagination – ahh! The key to my pants…use it!!!
J. is for Jack Daniels- mmm sweet sweet Jack…
K. is for Kitties – I have the cutest pussy!
L. is for Lubricant – everyone should have some, I don’t care how "great" you are…its wonderful stuff;-)
M. is for Modeling career – it seems nowadays every model has “odd” colored hair and is named after a medical disorder…so I decided if I want my career to go anywhere I’ll have to follow the crowd…Im thinking of going “grey” and renaming myself Alzheimer…hot right?
N. is for Naked – Everyone Naked! Oh wait, not you over there…
O. is for October 20th – my birthday, don’t forget it!
P. is for Phish – my favorite band in the whole wide world!
Q. is for Queen of Hearts – Miss Molly Heartbreaker herself;-)
R. is for Rhode Island - we may be the smallest state but we sure know how to tear shit up!
S. is for Sasquatch and the Sickabillies – straight outta RI, these guys (and gal) are ruthless, gritty, and hell-bent…sinning has never been so much fun!!!!
T. is for Toilet – as in I’m writing this on the toilet…hehe
U. is for Underpants – don’t need them, don’t wear them...except when I’m getting laid…get the hint ;-)
V. is for VD – no not Valentines Day – VD- clean your junk!
W. is for “Wanna make out?”
X. is for XXX- can’t really go wrong there can you?
Y. is for Your Mom – as in your mom subscribes to my website…;-)
Z. is for ZZZZZZ…like when I pass out on my all my friends couche.

And that concludes this lesson, I hope you all enjoyed yourself…By the way, I’m not going anywhere so you’d better get used to me…until we meet again…See you next time..:-)




If you're in Sydney/Australia check out this gig and this band.



I forgot how good these guys are live. I saw them in their early years at one of the Birmigham Punk Picnics and then there was this huge gap until 2006 when I saw them recently. That gig review can be found here.They're currently on tour in Europe and heading to America along with the Duel and Red Alert to play the 'Brit Invasion' festival. They've also got a few dates lined up out there too! After seeing them play live the other week I sent Tony an interview and that can be found here.



"Hi I'm Jezabel Propaganda and we are Renegade Burlesque. The UK's Burlesque terrorists! coming to a town near you soon...we are a group of six strong minded dangerous females, Sakura Tsui, Nikita Neckro, Vaudeville Ruin, Isis Matrix and Cleo Chaos, we mix traditional burlesque with a modern soundtrack and we have a damn good time doing it too!! It's great if people who want to come and see our fantastic, sexy, rock n roll piss up we call a show............but beware just because we take our clothes off doesn't mean we arent into feminism!"

Ok, so i've decided to lay my own views on the line. I've studied politcs for 5 years, and i'm sick of uptight puritans telling me that because of what i do i'm not a feminist! For me feminsim is NOT about trying to better or be the same as men-whats the point? the sexes have their differences biogologically and mentally for very good reasons. Now I'm not saying that women are less capable-because we are damn capable but when it comes to people critisizing me because i'm a burlesque performer I say-I am a woman and proud of it, does this mean i should dress like a man and hide my sexuality, because other people find it frightening? No I am going to express my sexuality and femininity whenever and where ever i want to, and if people are uncomfortable with that then its their problem not mine, and i think this makes me more of a feminist than anyone else.


Jezabel recently did an interview with 'Daily Jews' and this can be found here.



Drongo's For Europe put out the best Punk Rock album out in 2005 and just recently I caughted up with bassist 'Dek' for an interview. This is what he had to say here.



I could go on about some politically correct diatribe- but Im not. Naw, Im going to talk about something that really gets me pissed. People who buy nice cars( Porsche, Audi, BMW etc.) and don’t drive them. I mean they drive them, but they drive them like a 72 Pinto. Merging onto the freeway doing 35 miles an hour. What’s the point? Status? That’s pathetic. The desperation to be noticed, accepted? Driving a car beyond your means- and Im not talking financially here- Im talking about the ability to drive that damn car. Who in their right mind, is going to spend over 45K and drive it like an old lady? Get a fucking Volvo then, it’s a nice car yes, and safe! At least you can say you bought this one because it was so safe.

And what’s up with Honda owners taking two parking spaces in a lot? You just know it belongs to some damn kid, its his first car, and doesn’t understand the beauty and comfort of the first ding, the first scratch.............Whew, .no more worrying about that anymore!

I personally just bought a car as well. Mine caught fire in the parking at work..........Yes my new nickname is “Fire Starter” was a 1989 Ford Bronco II. I loved that damn truck. We’ve been through so many break ups together. Happy times, good times- it’s the car that would never die. No matter what. It finally just killed itself right in front of me. So it’s new car shopping for me - something I simply loathe. I detest sales people- really- leave me the fuck alone- I will get you when Im ready- and not one minute before. How can you help me? You know what Im looking for? I don’t even know what Im looking for- but Im sure if I find it, I’ll let you know. Then you get hit up by another snake. “Sorry snake number 2, I already have snake number one on stand by”

I dealt with the Fleet Manger, he made it painless and I drove off the lot in an hour and a half. My son recently spent 4 hours at freakin Toyota. Not me, I have the attention span of a gold fish. And I’d be bouncing around doin the fish on the ground out of sheer boredom. Have an ambulance save me from retail car hell. Red light it outta there with a thorazine drip.




"About me....hmm...I am an Account Exec. for the hottest new indie music zine on the planet, Hyperactive Music Magazine. Check it out at the above link. I am the Director of Operations at the Public Access Media Center in Albuquerque, which, if I have my way will become the most kick ass access center in the country. I hope to encourage indie/unsigned musicians to start using DIY TV as a medium for promotion and getting there name OUT There. This is free media. Why isn't everyone using it??? I live in Albuquerque, NM where I am a wife and mommy, among other things. I love life, music, all the techie stuff like sound and production, seeing young musicians succeed, drinking good wine and good vodka, and helping encourage people to get what they want out of life. Cuz after all....Life is too short. You gotta live like it might be your last day. I'd like to be a zillionaire by the time I'm 50. Then I could help all the organizations I've cared about or been affiliated with in the past. Or at least be able to pay the bills, and have a great car too. I hope to see Peace on Earth before I die. NO WAR! The lamb sleeping with the lion. Or maybe the Palestianian sleeping with the Jew.




I came across Punk Pussy through Mysti Gayle and checked out the site which looks pretty cool. There’s some great Punk Rock Models on there so I decided to run an interview with the lady who runs it – LIL. Here’s what she had to say.

SV: First off how come you set up Punk Pussy.Com in the first place?

My husband (big papa) started the site before I met him in 1998. He loves porn and he’s been into punk since his early teens which was in the early 1980's. He had never seen a punk porn site before and thought it would serve the punk public well, as he himself was excited about the whole bit. It was very successful in its early years.

SV: How long has the site been running and what kind of hits do you get?

Content and the name was purchased in 1998, the site however was not running until 1999. The daily average according to my server is 25-50 thousand hits.

SV: Have you any limits to what a model can do on your site?

Absolutely not. The model however, has to be 100% nude in a few shots at least, otherwise it wouldn’t be a porn site. I tell them to represent themselves in a manner that is comfortable to them, and how they would like to express themselves. I don’t have any restrictions beyond the basic law.

SV: Do you get any grief off feminists and the Punk Rock PC brigade because of your site?

I never had any grief, only angry girls demanding they are prettier than some of my models... but they don’t want to show their tits!

SV: How do you usually find the models that are featured on your site?

They email me, I get plenty of requests.

SV: So what are your favourite set of pictures you've enjoyed the most on your site?

Currently, Mysti Gayle. She is one of the sites newest models. She takes provocative pictures and has a sweet body.

I agree Mysti is in a class of her own.

SV: Have you any plans to expand your site in 2006?

I do plan on adding more models, and more sets of current models. but I want to keep it a simple punk porn site. boobs and puss in punk variety are the main goal.

SV: Apart from the site what do you do in your spare time? Do you like to drink and hang out at shows?

My spare time is the site, I work a retail management job, 40 plus hours a week. I take the dogs to the dog park... And if I’m lucky I’ll have enough time to see a show once and a while. I drink a lot of monster energy drinks and when I’m out I love a nice cold Sailor Jerry and Coke... Or... Yager Bombs.

SV: With Bush and the Christians getting more moral every day can you see a time when sites like yours will be banned by your Govt?

Never. The Christians don’t scare me, 12 live next door. And bush scares me but with everyone being on trial right now i know there’s at least a few out there that won’t let this shit get any worse. Porn makes a lot of people filthy rich like Larry Flint, I will let them battle for me with my full support.

SV: Anything you'd like to add?

Some may wonder why my husband put the site in my hands? I went to school for art and learned photo shop skills. I helped him out on numerous occasions, and maintained it for him because he takes a lot of business trips. When the site started to slump in 2001/2002 (wow competitors can kill ya) and he didn’t have time for it as he became more successful in his first occupation, he reluctantly handed me the keys as a part time jig and I took over. When the keeper switched from male to female I got more model responses but unfortunately... We never got our hits and member numbers back from 1999/2000 before the mainstream punk nudie sites took over the porn industry. We don’t make the numbers but we do make just enough to keep the site up and running, for the fun of it. It’s our way of expressing our freedoms.

Thanks to Lil for doing the interview and getting it back so quick. If you like Nude alternative women this is the site to check out!



However much feminists from Working Class backgrounds dream and work towards total equality with their male counterparts this is never going to happen.


The system we live under needs to be town apart and something new put in it's place. Anarchism? Marxism? Depends who's terminology you refer to but one thing is for sure many are in agreement that the roles in society for men and woman still stem from old biblical values which are centuries old.

The capitalist system for centuries has maintained the biblical teachings to keep both men and women down. And if you're Gay/Lesbian or Atheist you're fucked over even more! The power of capitalism is strong as it ever was simply because it has religion as its major weapon and despite church attendance figures dropping year by year it still don't mean people don't believe! Religion is still a powerful weapon.

Destroy The Capitalist system and everything that props it up then we can start to move on as work towards a society based equality for the working class whether that person be male, female, black, white, young or old.

Taking the system out is still along way off but there are things we can change under capitalism but only if we stand firm.

There's issues which generally could be looked at like:

1. Equal Pay and Roles in the work place.

2. Equal time off for males and females on maternity leave.

3. Religion removed from schools and children taught equal roles in life from day one.

4. Sex education taught that the responsibility lies with both males and females equally.

Just looking at those issues could see us living a better life.

I would like to see this nonsense of different changing rooms and public toilets etc for both males and females. It's like we're hidden away from other because it's deemed bad to see a naked or semi naked body of the opposite sex unless you're in a marital role. I think these uptight attitudes towards the human body are a major player in keeping us divided.

I would also like to see people be able to strip naked on beaches and public areas if they wish to do so. How many times have you been to these places and people wanting to strip but can't without the wrath of prosecution and deemed a pervert? Some clothes which people wear in the summer months barely cover so what's the point?

Being comfortable with our own sexuality is something we need to get to grips with otherwise whatever society we live in there will always be differences between males and females.

Sexism has been with us since day one on Planet Earth and we need to get over our own inhibitions first and that means a lot of change towards how we currently live.

Are you brave enough?

I am.




I'll be in Houston (from March 02nd til' March 06th).

I'm planning on attending the TEXAS LATEX PARTY in Houston, TX (

In Addition, I'll be available for: Sessioning and Photo Shoots.

slaves: Interviews, Reviews, Contact Number, Session Info, Photos, etc., are located on My site:

Photographers: I'm available for Nude, Glamour or Fetish Photo Shoots. My resume is located on My website (listed above) OR on Model Mayhem:

Inquiries:E-Mail Me, here:




I'd never heard of these until from Fabulous Disaster mentioned she was in them. They're a cool bunch of ladies and I'm pretty sure you'll agree after reading this interview.


WEB [as in: World Wide Web] - LOGS [as in: diary, journal, captain's log of events, thoughts, ideas etc...] a hyphenated phrase twisted-as is our fashion- into it's own ubiquitous existence [in the form of a contraction] into a word that is fast-becoming synonymous with virtual reality which conveniently is associated with internet dependancy . A state in which, any creature with access to and the barest of knowledge of a computer can become a writer--whether good, bad or ugly.

If the great literary minds of our history could see us now I wonder what they'd say. I excitedly invision them reacting in much the same way a postal worker who's put in a few too-many hours, for a few too-many years. In our heroes would march with their loaded semi-automatic weapons and just start shooting. 'Fuck it all', they'd say. "You bastards don't know the first thing about struggling, about writing so...BLOG THIS, BITCH!

Hahahahaha... The thought of Emily Dickenson holding a machine gun and uttering this phrase sends me into roaring fits of laughter, not just because of the silliness of the pristine handsome-ness of the woman and the militaristic coldness of such a weapon but at the absurdity in the fact that our society in general deserves it!

We've commended these great minds for their bravery in telling such fantastical stories and condemned them for boring us to tears with their numerous pages concerning one blade of grass. Now, after years of reading classics written by someone whose writing was their own sustainence we'd rather read the rantings of a shunned prom queen vowing that prince charming showed up wearing the wrong designer jacket [and good lord, didn't rent a limo for such an occasion, got drunk in the bathroom with his buddies before sweeping her off to a hotel room; where she demurely insists on feigning virtue but Johnny already told Joey about that night beneath the glow of a street light when she blew him into next friggin semester].

After all, now everyone is a writer. We can all write our own anecdotes, stories and comic relief bits. Pretty soon, printing presses will become obsolete. Who needs pages when we have screens on which information streams to us with rapidly increasing swiftness. We can now have a pen-pal or partner in any country in the world. We can send a picture to Austria with the click of a button. Wow, imagine the mail order Bride schemes nowadays...oh wait...friend imagination needed. Fuck actually having to do anything like go outside and play, meet someone by chance on a street corner and invest a dollar in a cup of coffee in some seedy diner listening to elevator music from the seventies while enjoying real-life conversation. I have an instant messenger now!

Wanna know how I'm feeling...fuck it...just read my blog, I'm too tired from not talking to talk with you right now.

The point is folks, that the computer cannot, nor should it, take the place of real, live conversation with those you care about or those you may someday care about. If anything, the Internet should be considered a means in which we can connect with others that otherwise we would be unable to do. Using the computer as the primary means of communication with folks you could just as easily have contact with…is well, bollocks. As for creative writing…well, your blogs may reach a lot of viewers but they aren’t immortal. Let’s remember that some things are best read in print. Talk to your friends and give your readers something to hold.




I really rate this texas outfit - They play great Punk Rock N Roll with balls. I just interviewed Linette and this is what she had to say.



Adam Evil & The Outside Royalty are moving to the UK from the USA later this year and sent me a copy of their album to have a listen to, I really rated their album as they have some cool influences like T-REX, 70'S Bowie and some of the Jam thrown in for good measure. After checking out their album an interview was in order and this is what was said.



Red Alert were my fave Street Punk band in the 80's. To me their debut album 'We've Got The Power' was well wicked and I still play it to this day when I get the old vinyl out. They'll be doing a few gigs in the USA with the Duel and they'll also be playing the 'Brit Invasion' gig put on by SOS Records. These guys are a really good band to look out for and you'd be dumb fucks not to check them out. Oh and a warning to you - If you do go and see them live don't get in to a drinking competion with them:-)

Recently they released the 'Take No Prisoners' DVD through Cherry Red Records which is the nuts. The review of that DVD can be found here.

Not forgetting their 'Blazin' Thru The Years' Compilation CD which was released through SOS. The review can be found here.



If you're heading off to a gig here's some rules you must follow:

1. Never pay on the door if you can get away with it. Tell the person on the door you're in a band or get some one to squeeze you through the toilet window!

2. When the support band plays and no matter how much you think they're the best thing since sliced bread. You must NOT show any support. Remember you're for the main band ONLY.

3. If you see a person selling fanzines don't buy them! Remember that £1/$2 could buy you another drink. If they mistakenly ask you twice just tell them to 'Piss Off'.

4. At the end of the night you must steal part of the bands equipment to show all your buddies the next day you've got something special no matter how much it costs the band to replace it!

5. Don't forget to drink plenty so you can spit at the bands.

Following these 5 simple rules will show the world what a complete and utter tosser you are but hey at least you can call yourself a Punk!




I came across Delerium when flicking through Molly Heartbreaker’s My Space page. After checking out some of her photos and realising this lady has plenty of potential I decided to check her out. Here’s what she had to say!

SV: Ok so you're new to modelling so what made you get in to it at the age of 27?

I never really had much interest in becoming a model. I actually had 2 photographers in one week email me asking me if I would like to model for them. I figured this could be an interesting experience and scheduled a couple of photo shoots.

SV: From the photos I've seen so far it seems you're in to the fetish scene but are you going to vary what you do regards modelling wise?

I am into the fetish scene, and would like to do more with that. I would also like experience of doing other types of modelling as well. I really want to do some pinup type shoots as well of some glamour ones. I'm very open minded right now about what kind of modelling I will partake in until I figure out exactly what I'm most enthusiastic about.

SV: Are you going to do much full frontal work and if so will it bother you getting undressed for the cameras?

I would like to do more nude work. I have always enjoyed showing off my body in states of undress. As long as I'm comfortable with the photographer it won't bother me in the least.

SV: You've yet to complete a portfolio so are you looking at completion in 2006 or are you just going to take your time and see what comes along?

I don't think that a portfolio can ever really be complete. You need to change it all the time. I would like to have a respectable one that I'm proud to show within the next couple of months.

SV: I thought your photos wrestling in fake blood with just a thong on were well cool. It looked as if you were having a great time so is the kind of thing you do for fun?

That was a very interesting night for me. Those were taken at a club on a fetish night that a friend of mine was hosting for a Halloween theme. Originally I wasn't going to be one of the girls wrestling in the blood bath, but, someone didn't show up. They asked me if I would like to do it and I said yes. It was a blast. If I could do it every night I would.

SV: So how does one get to wrestle with you in a pool full of gunge?

Since that was just luck that I got to do it at all, I would have to say really don't know. Set it up, invite me, and see if you can pin me?!!

You’ve got a date!

SV: You're very photogenic and have a gorgeous figure so why wait to so long to become a model?

It never really occurred to me that I should become a model until about 2 months ago. I wish I would have done this earlier. It's been one of the best experiences so far.

SV: I'd love to see you do a shoot with Molly Heartbreaker and being as you two are friends can we see this happening?

Me and her have briefly talked about doing a shoot together. Hopefully this will happen in the near future. She is an amazing model, and I'm sure I could learn a lot from doing a shoot with her. Molly is also one of the sweetest girls that I have ever met.

SV: When can we see a website from you on line?

If all goes well, there should be a website from me online within the next few months.

Thanks to Delerium for doing the interview. Be sure to take a look and see what she is about! You night just enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!



I really rated Penetration since the late 70's when I got their debut album 'Moving Targets' and along with X-Ray Spex, Blondie and the Runaways were the first female fronted bands I listened too! It was a pleasure almost 20 years later to get their 'Re-Animated' DVD through the post. The review of this wicked DVD can be found here. On the basis of this DVD I contacted Penetration for an interview and Pauline Murray(Vocals) duly answered the questions I sent her. This interview can be found here.



2003 saw The Jacknives drag themselves outta’ the swamps of Perth with a six-string blood lust of apocalyptic proportions. Ordained to spread the guitar gospel to their fellow countrymen, The Jacknives have been converting rock n roll heathens ever since. Sanctifying stages across Perth with their dynamite live shows, The Jacknives concocted just the right mix of rock and heart-breakin attitude to secure them support slots with The Horrorpops, Mach Pelican and The Tremors. Their first double A-Side single featuring “Cross My Heart” & “She Don’t Need Lipstick” has enjoyed local success, including airplay on RTRFM and lead to a special jam session with The Donnas at Sydney’s 2005 Big Day Out. The Jacknives infectious, punkobilly-meets-Elvira sideshow is a spectacle not to be missed. On the eve of their debut album release, The Jacknives are raring to unleash their moonshine-madness and voodoo-stompin beats upon the aurally unbaptised.

The Jacknives debut album 'Jacknife Inn' is well wicked and the review can be found here. I also had the pleasure of interviewing them and that can be found here.



It's always a pleasure interviewing Share from Bubble and it's cool that she has another project on the go with partner Bam. This new project is Rock N Roll TV and to find out more about it then please go here for the latest interview with Share.



Rebel Girl originally started out as the band 'Sugar' but after a huge falling out with the vocalist they've decided to carry on. Now a 3 piece band they will have an album out soon. I recently did an interview with them and this is what they said here.



I came across Lorie when on a huge advertising campaign across the net and on seeing an advert she sent me an email. After checking out her My Space page and realising she is more than just a model I decided to drop Lorie an interview. Here's what she had to say.

SV: Hi Lorie can you introduce yourself to the world?

How so? Do you mean a bio, if so I’m a freelance photographer, I’m modelling as a way to learn and to make enough money to buy a better camera and what not. There are very few things I love in life, photography being one of those things and reading being another, Ayn Rand is my hero, I love bad punk rock.

SV: At what age did you want to become a model?

As i said before modelling is a second interest to me, a means to an end. So I suppose very recently.

SV: When you do nudes they're pin up so at what age did you first pose naked for a camera?

Honestly? Well I was 16 but seeing as that’s the kind of stuff that can get me in to trouble lets pretend I didn’t say that.

You wont get in trouble here:-)

SV: So what sites/agencies have you modelled for so far?


SV: Is this going to be a full time career for you or is it for helping you pay your way through education?

I suppose you could consider it education.

SV: Have a you a website of your own and if so have you a link?

No I’m sorry.

SV: Would you ever consider doing pornographic work?

If by pornographic you mean run of the mill spread eagle stuff maybe but the relationship I am in right now does not allow for it.

SV: Outside modelling what do you do for fun?

I read anything I can get my hands on, I’m working my way through "The Complete Works Of Kafka" right now, I troll forums, and photograph anyone I can get my hands on.

SV: At 19 you're fairly young so where do you see yourself in say 5 years time. What would you like to have achieved?

I would like to be a history teacher. No kids and perhaps a spouse.

SV: Anything you'd like to add?

I really love that you made this interview personal, I would like to thank you for that.

Thanks for the interview and thanks for your kind words. I try and make every interview a little different so yes you can say they are tailor made for the individual. Anyone who is in the NC and wants some photography work done get in contact with this lady.


Despite many claims that fascism is no longer a threat I have to disagree. In Europe and America they are still as organised as ever and are still finding plenty of recruits who are looking to others to blame for their problems rather than facing the real issues. In recent times they have been as cheeky as ever. However in the UK there was a time when everytime they reared their ugly heads they were challenged by a broad based organisation called 'ANTI FASCIST ACTION' and it's dangerous times like today where AFA is badly needed. Not just in the UK but in the rest of Europe and America too! Last year I talked to Dave Hann and Steve Tilzey about their book 'No Retreat' which is about the history of Anti Fascist Action and this is what they had to say



Why Vote? Because whatever Government gets elected the working class get shafted. What is worrying though is the amount of people from within our scene who've forgotten their roots and talk about politicians as long lost friends on message boards etc. Now forgive me for asking but why would anyone want to take part in a corrupt voting system that has seen us fucked over for hundreds of years? Have people not learned from the mistakes of the past? Have they not learned anything at all?

There is more to putting your cross on a ballet paper every four years – There's many alternatives out there to our present system and all worth checking out. What it means though is getting up off your arse and having a look, which for many is just too much! Much rather they'd listen to the same old bullshit that is thrown at us every time the parasites want our votes.

Some say that if you don't use your vote then you shouldn't have a say – What nonsense! Why should I vote for something that I know is corrupt and full of shit? Why should I vote for political parties that I have nothing but contempt and revulsion for? Just think if no one turned up and voted on Election Day? Just think of the concern that would cause the powers that be?

What is needed in working class areas worldwide is a decent health service, a decent public transport system, decent education, cleaner hospitals, better care for the elderly and the homeless amongst other things but do the political parties champion any of these problems? Do they fuck! They tell you they do but once they're elected all those election promises come to nothing. How dare these people in power take huge pay packets and live in expensive homes while people die in hospitals because of MRSA? While the homeless have no hope? While young people have to go in to huge amounts of debt to go on to further education? While the elderly go cold and hungry in winter etc. The list goes on.

It's about time we stopped thinking of ourselves and the little picture around us as individuals. Instead we should be thinking of others and how they are affected. There is a much larger picture out there to be considered instead of just thinking about our own selfish reasons. Punk Rock was a wake up call to all the nonsense at the time and challenged what was wrong and them same values we should be looking at now instead of whinging over three political parties which basically have the same agenda.

Let us see us getting back to our roots and begin to challenge again. Only by challenging can you ever change the system.

Think on It!





Acid Candy and I bumped into each other on the net and after cgeking out her wicked site this is one woman who had to be featured in Punk Globe. Nuff Said! Here's what Acid Candy had to say for herself.

SV: First off how did you come up with the name Acid Candy?

Corruption of today's society..the young people are given the sweet things in life in stead of having to earn them (the candy part) because of this its corrupting them into thinking they can have everything and nothing has value or meaning or morals (the acid part)

SV: You started modelling at the age of 19 so what inspired you to get in to it?

I wanted to learn more about photography. I figured if I got into modeling I could learn from the photographers I've worked with and so far I've learned a lot

SV: I notice you've had children so did this cause any problems when it came to modeling or have you done some cool shots like Demi Moore did when she was pregnant?

Actually yes.. the photo you picked for your page is from one of my maternity shoots lol. Having kids doesn't interfere with my work. sometimes I even bring them to shoots. My oldest is got into child modeling and pageants.

Ha! Yeah I forgot I put that picture in my profile space:-)

Punk Globe: You've worked with a fair few people but what has been your favourite shoot so far?

Shooting in the haunted Lemp Brewery in St Louis. I have a thing for shooting in odd, abandoned, haunted, places. I've also shot inside of an abandoned mental institution..that was cool too.

SV: I know you have limits when doing photography so have you had any photographers try and push those limits?

That's the thing with photographers.. if they are good they will ask you what you are willing to do BEFORE shooting you. That way they can get photo ideas worked out ahead of time. Sometimes you will get a sleaze ball or two try to get you to do things you aren't comfortable. When that happens..paid or not.. I automatically leave the set. Thankfully that has only happened to me once.

SV: You're in to the Goth scene so what are your fave bands?

I have a shitload of bands I like. HIM, Otep, Poison the well, Lamb of God, Lacuna Coil, Marylin Manson, ect. My all time favorite when it comes to music is Rob Zombie.. I'm a huge fan of all his en devours.

SV: Acid Candy You're also an artist so what do you like to do most draw or paint?

I draw portraits a lot. Mainly of my children. Sometimes other people. I don't really have a lot of my work online because I don't have time to scan them all and get them up.

SV: So how do you manage to fit in the time for modelling, the web site designing and bringing up kids?

LOL not much of a problem really. I love my kids, they come first. I do these things on the side. My husband helps out a lot too.

SV: When you have spare time what do you like to do with yourself?

That is usually when i do shoots, or web design..

SV: Anything you'd like to add?

I plan on someday ruling the world!

And who says Goths don't have a sense of humour? Thanks to Acid Candy for taking time out to do the interview. You want to check this lady out - She has some great pictures and her site is very informative.



Despite Chrissy being a commercial artist I've featured her because unlike many commercial artists this lady is the real deal. A total genuine lady and not only that but I like her tunes. If you like Power Pop you ought to give Chrissy a listen - Just recently I was sent a disc and you can read what I thought about it here. On the strength of the music she sent I sent Chrissy an interview and that can be seen here.



I've been a huge Alarm fan since I heard their debut single 'Unsafe Building' around 1981. They continued to impress me until the day the split in the 90's. Mike Peters(Vocals/Guitar) embarked on a solo career but what the fans really wanted was the Alarm back. However the other 3 original members didn't want to reform so Mike got hold of various musicians and the current line up is:

Mike Peters - James Stevenson - Craig Adams - Steve Grantley

They have just released the wicked album 'Under Attack' and the review of this gem can be found here.

Due to Mike Peters receiving treatment for a form of Cancer they are currently only gigging on saturdays. This tour has been called the 'Saturday Tour' and the final dates are:

MAR 25th LONDON Islington Academy
APR 29th GLASGOW Academy



So many female artists seem to be taking up acoustic music but there's none as good as Irene Rae. I caught up with her recently for an interview and this can be viewed here.


Please keep sending in your releases or press packs for review on FFRUK and If I really like there's a guaranteed interview. Contact addy is:


PLEASE PASS ON! For those not in the know how to pass on please reply to this bulletin then cut and paste in to your own bulletin space then post. Your support is much appreciated.

"Street Voice is a voice of Independent music and alternative lifestyles. We make no apologies if this publication offends fascists, homophobes and other bigots. Because Street Voice is made up of Individuals who's opinions may differ from time to time we'd like to point out that we're individuals who accept that in life that people do actually have differing opinions to the ones we hold"


February Edition, 2006



Steve DIY Profile/Punk Globe Profile/Kerri Taylor Profile

So, the month of February is upon us. That means we've already lived through the first month of the "New Year". How are those resolutions holding up? For those of you going strong, I say "Cheers" and "Congrats". To those of you who've already given up the ghost, well, better luck next year.

I had a couple of pet projects that I had hoped to have completed by this issue, tragically, scheduling conflicts and a bit of a rough period have left them lacking and so, I hope to offer them up to you, dear reader, by the next edition.

My most hated Holiday is just around the corner. Ugh. How I despise the day of St. Valentine. I mean, I'm all for the history of the day. The man was martyred for doing what he believed to be right and so on. However, it's the modern usage of the day that greatly offends me.

While Hallmark, Florists, Restaurants and Taverns, Jewelers and Box Office's alike make a ton of capital from this horrid event, thousands upon thousands of others are ridiculed and reviled and made to feel worthless for not celebrating in this ridiculous tradition. Many a single person sits alone or in groups of other single persons feeling tragically left out of the events of the day. Society as a whole feeds off of both sides like a parasite. It's disgusting. Perhaps this is more a trait of the good ole USA. One can hope!

Still, people give it the attention these commercialist bastards want and hey, who am I to really argue with tradition. However, I have a wonderful suggestion to those of you that celebrate this travesty of a holiday.

Instead of buying chocolates and flowers, spending all that money on expensive dinners and entertainment, not to mention the thousands spent on "presents", why not give your partner a gift of charity? Make dinner at home, it's much more private anyhow, and contribute a donation to your partners favorite cause in their name. You could even ask them to do the same. You'll have the added bonus of doing something great to go along with your date.

Rock On!




Squeaky the awesome guitarist and hottie from FABULOUS DISASTER is one hell of a cool person and when news got to me that her first band 'Girlush Figure' were coming out of a 3 year hiatus I dropped her a line regards an interview. This is what Squeaky had to say on FFRUK and PUNK GLOBE.



"Folter is a clothing line for dark & disorderly chicks. We carry corset beaters, vulgar tees, sexy undies, bondage minis, etc."

I like what Agnes is doing with 'Folter' and it's cool that some one is offering alternative clothing at reasonable prices. Be sure to check out the Folter Clothing site. Anyway this is what Agnes had to say on FFRUK and PUNK GLOBE.

For those in the UK/Europe I am having catalogues and order forms sent to me to distribute around shops etc etc. If you would like to see a catalogue please email me at Thanks.



I dropped bassist Paul Hoddy an email a while back in regards an interview and here it is. This interview can be viewed at FFRUK. There you'll find out what they're up to at present.



I only got this fanzine 3 hours ago and believe me this fucking rocks. This is my review:

"To say I was impressed when I got this through the post today is an understatement. For a £1/$4 this is well worth hunting down as this is a well put together fanzine with some excellent bands, reviews and other information in it. On the cover the fanzines says it´s in to Glam, Sleaze, Punk, Goth and Rock N Roll and that´s what Bubblegum Slut is all about. With bands featured like Nashville Pussy, Queen Adreena, Brides Of Destruction, Shotgun Messiah and the Quireboys to name but a few you really can´t go wrong with this fanzine. It´s also got a got a little furry heart on the cover. I love this fucker!" (FFRUK)




Molly has become a regular feature on Street Voice mainly because she's as cool as fuck. From next month when Molly gets her computer sorted I'll be asking her to do a column on what she's been getting up to in every day life and her career as a model. Here's want Molly has been up to recently.

THE BIG BAD SWIM(4 Act Films): The lead character has a second job as an exotic dancer and I can be seen dancing on the stage in the background during that scene. I actually had to teach the 2 actresses how to work the stage.

KINKY KONG(Seduction Cinemas): I play the "native girl." I have one line in this film but its nonsense speak (I am a native) and a few sex scenes and one stripping sequence.

PLAYBOY TV/ SEXCETERA: I did 2 sex scenes for this show and 1 dance sequence. I was also interviewed on New England girls and the sex scene out here.

VAMPIRE VOYEUR(Seduction Cinemas): In this movie I actually have a speaking role, my first one ever! I play Dr. Vedder, a pshchologist. I also have one sex scene and one dance sequence.

MY GIRLFREIND'S ABROAD(Single Serving Films)

In this movie I play the "naked girl" I basically walk through scenes and no one notices because I guess its normal for her. I shot this film with some Brown College students, I had a blast, I hope it works out for them!



Red Alert have been busy with a DVD released through Cherry Red. For a review of that please go HERE. They also have a 'Best Of..' package released through SOS records. Please check HERE for the review.


Vermont Judge Upholds Sixty-Day Sentence in Child Molestation Case.

I sat down to write an extensive article regarding President Bushs lack of brainpower. That was my very best intent. Then, while perusing the news getting media attention, I came across the steep criticism of Vermont Judge, Edward Cashmans, leniency towards a man who confessed to at least three acts of sexual abuse involving a pre-pubescent girl.

The victim: a 6 year old girl at the beginning of the abuse, now ten. The perpetrator: A family friend of the victim, who confesses to oral-genital and genital fondling actions with the girl on at least three occasions over four years. Cashman, with 20 years on the bench and quite an impressively stern record stands by his decision citing that "Sentencing is not the end of a problem," he wrote. "It should be the start of a solution." He clarifies that the offender had the emotional maturity of a 12- to 14-year old and didn't understand why others were so upset by his actions.

As a sort of side-note and equally as hair-raising, I would like to point out the fact that all of this might have been prevented before the child had come into harm had her parents had a better attitude towards the situation. When the parents were consulted about the claims they gave statements that, not only did they KNOW the defendant was interested in the little girl but they were also aware of him sleeping in the same bed as the child. Being a family friend is one thing. Sleeping in my childs bed is quite another. Why did these parents turn what seems to be a blindeye to the situation. Why was the offender allowed near the child if the parents were aware of an interest in the child? I am sincerely hoping that the statements I found from the parents were sorely misinterpreted by the media.

Okay, so Im in agreement with the Judge that a mentally or emotionally unstable predator needs more than a jail cell to make any sort of rehabilitation possible. The problem is, of all the research Ive done on this case, I havent found a single note suggesting that the Judge attached a clear demand for the defendant to seek the professional help he needs. If the sentence was meant as a means for the offender to get help, why havent I heard about the insistence by the court for this man to do precisely that?

Judge Cashmans decision was particularly based on the fact that the state of Vermont doesnt have many laws directed at this particular type of criminal. The small rehabilitation group available to the state also admitted that treating the accused man would be impossible while in prison. Does this make sense? Why? In a lot of ways, I almost feel as though the laws as they stand are designed to let a Judge or Jury take the fall for any mishaps that may occur from these cases.

Ultimately, whether obtaining rehab is an issue or not, 60 days simply isnt enough for a crime as heinous as the sexual exploitation of a six year old. The man is sick and needs help. Fine! That childs innocence is still worth more than 60 days confinement. I mean, really?! Sixty days is the equivalent of smacking the guys hand and saying, Now, dont you go molesting little girls anymore. It doesnt work with children and it certainly isnt going to work with a grown man; no matter how immature he is.

That said, no matter how much I agree with the judges sentiment that curing the 'disease' in the offender is priority .. One, I am also of the opinion that the man should still serve more than the petty sentence he's been given. A certain level of atonement (for lack of a better word) should still be served and I think sixty days is rather insulting. Who's looking out for the child in all of this? Certainly not the defendent, it appears the parents aren't. Then, at the judicial level, the victims hardships, are demeaned once more. Further insisting a long standing notion that legal system cares more for the defendants than they do for the victims.

This man has potentially ruined-no, not potentially-he has ruined at least, parts of this childs past, present and future life. The damage he's inflicted with his perversion will be with this girl forever. Besides, the sad truth of the matter is, rehabilitation of sexual predators has a practically non-existent success rate even worse is the knowledge that they roam our streets freely seeking out their next victims long before the victim has recovered from it.

In spite of public outcry and harsh judgments from politicians, media reps and judges alike from all sides of the spectrum, Judge Cashman stands by his decision. "I am aware that the intensity of some public criticism may shorten my judicial career, to change my decision now, however, simply because of some negative sentiment, would be wrong.

"I owe it to the judiciary and to my own conscience to maintain a stand that I believe is the best possible option in a very difficult situation."




Starlet Suicide were one of the better European bands I had the pleasure of hearing in 2005. They are based in Sweden though I'd really love them to make the treck across the North Sea and play in the UK. I caught up with Jennyfer the vocalist and here's what she had to say to FFRUK and PUNK GLOBE.



Lucifera is a London based model and has doing some pretty cool work. Just check out her site - It's well hot. Anyway I caught up with Lucifera and here's what she had to PUNK GLOBE.




I've given these guys a bit of flak over the years regards what bands they've played with and what labels they've been on. When you're young you are naive and it's great to see that Crashed Out had moved on. They are one of Britains best Street Punk bands that Britain has to offer. Check out what Chris the vocalist had to say on behalf of the band to FFRUK and PUNK GLOBE.



Who says Punk and Porn can't mix? Well City Kittie for starters and after checking this newish site out I dropped Harlot an interview regards this project. Here's what she had to say to PUNK GLOBE.



Thunk Records is a great D.I.Y. label ran by Fish of the Skeptix/Section 5. Also ex member of Punk legends 'Discharge'. He only started it in 2005 and it's future is looking bright with some great releases planned. Check out what Fish had to say for himself, The interview can be found at both FFRUK and PUNK GLOBE.



Fraulein Lilith is a European model currently based in London and I came across her by accident on the net. She comes across as great fun and her work is fantastic. Here's what she had to say to PUNK GLOBE.


Fast Food Jesus- Hold the commandments.

Im not a big fan of God. Never have been. Ive always had too many unanwered questions and I never fully believed he is filled with so much love amist all this hate. My first clear recollection of God was when I was 6. My father coming home from work, grabbing my sister and I, crying and damning God for taking his wife, my Mother. 6 years later it was me cursing God- for taking my father as well. I was 12. Then at 18, every 6 years- he take my one of my best friends.

I went to Germany for 2 years after his death. I toured Dachau. It was the singular most important part of my childhood. And a rude awakening. Religion kills. It killed more than my parents and my friends.

I would rather feel as if it were my karma in a past life that has destined me to the misforune thats befallen me now. Rather than believe this all loving ,encompassing forgiving being had subjected me to all this death. I am more comfortable believeing that if I am to achieve a certain nirvana, its up to me, to be a better person, to be more aware, more compassionate. At least it was my destiny, and not someone doing it to me for a certain vulgar form of preverse entertainment. Not a lesson to be learned- at 6 what was the point?

A friend described not having Jesus in your heart, was like living as a donut. You could be sweet, charming and caring- but there would always be a hole.............a void..........something would always be missing.Yes, I am friends with God fearing people as well........I believe if you're truly convicted, I admire that, even if I passionatley disagree.

But then again ,Ive seen more disgusting acts of cruelty done so by those hiding behind God and Jesus. Those that choose to judge people by life styles, skin color, religion, sexuality, even something so gauche as they way they dress, talk or act. Im not a Christain, Im not here to judge, but I am here to chuckle when I hear of the diatribe- they've been forgiven............and for good they need to be on a daily basis. All you fire starting ankle biting moral majority fuckers can just kiss my ass. And you too Alito.

Im not a big fan of God. Never have been. Ive always had too many unanwered questions and I never fully believed he is filled with so much love amist all this hate. My first clear recollection of God was when I was 6. My father coming home from work, grabbing my sister and I, crying and damning God for taking his wife, my Mother. 6 years later it was me cursing God- for taking my father as well. I was 12. Then at 18, every 6 years- he take my one of my best friends.

I went to Germany for 2 years after his death. I toured Dachau. It was the singular most important part of my childhood. And a rude awakening. Religion kills. It killed more than my parents and my friends.

I would rather feel as if it were my karma in a past life that has destined me to the misforune thats befallen me now. Rather than believe this all loving ,encompassing forgiving being had subjected me to all this death. I am more comfortable believeing that if I am to achieve a certain nirvana, its up to me, to be a better person, to be more aware, more compassionate. At least it was my destiny, and not someone doing it to me for a certain vulgar form of preverse entertainment. Not a lesson to be learned- at 6 what was the point?

A friend described not having Jesus in your heart, was like living as a donut. You could be sweet, charming and caring- but there would always be a hole.............a void..........something would always be missing.Yes, I am friends with God fearing people as well........I believe if you're truly convicted, I admire that, even if I passionatley disagree.

But then again, Ive seen more disgusting acts of cruelty done so by those hiding behind God and Jesus. Those that choose to judge people by life styles, skin color, religion, sexuality, even something so gauche as they way they dress, talk or act. Im not a Christain, Im not here to judge, but I am here to chuckle when I hear of the diatribe- they've been forgiven............and for good they need to be on a daily basis. All you fire starting ankle biting moral majority fuckers can just kiss my ass. And you too Alito.

"Whenever we read the obscene stories, the voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and tortuous executions, the unrelenting vindictiveness with which more than half the Bible is filled, it would be more consistent that we call it the word of a demon than the word of God. It is a history of wickedness that has served to corrupt and brutalize mankind; and, for my part, I sincerely detest it, as I detest everything that is cruel." --Thomas Paine

Vix "UnPoet" Bergald



I first came across Andre Schlesinger when his band 'The Press' were featured on a split album with 'The Radicts' on Roddy Moreno's 'Oi Records'. Sadly the Press are no longer going but Andre has been working on a new project 'Maninblack' in recent times. I caught up with him and here's what he had to say to FFRUK and PUNK GLOBE.



I checked out Mysti's photo sets out on City Kittie and was well impressed with them and funily enough a day or so later I bumped in to her on line. After swapping a few mails mainly about the perild of children and X- Boxes I dropped her an interview. This is what she had to to say to PUNK GLOBE.




The next festival is being held in Glasgow at The Barrowlands on Saturday 3rd June. This event subtitled It Aint Over Til the Fat Geezer Sings is a testimonial for Conflict drummer and lifelong friend Paco. Groups confirmed so far include Conflict, Broken Bones, The Varukers, Lost Cherrees, Liberty and Constant Fear. More to be added soon. We urge everyone to try and support this event, Paco gave his all for Conflict and it is our wish that he receives a proper send off from the band. Full advertising and ticket details available soon. Coaches are being
organised from certain major cities, including London. If you are interested in coach travel for this, or any future event contact and mark the subject box coach travel.

To recieve Conflicts full newsletter please email Colin at There you will get all the news about Conflict/Mortahate Records.



Nicola Vazquez is a woman with incredible talent. She has the most wicked of voices, plays a great tune on her guitar and writes some well wriiten lyrics. Not fotgetting she sends the coolest of panties through the post either. I was that impressed with the album I decided to run an interview with her. Here's what Nicola had to say to FFRUK and PUNK GLOBE.



I came across Holly Filth on the Punk Globe Guestbook and liked her site so I decided to run an interview with this young model from Scotlland. The interview can be found at PUNK GLOBE.


"Hibachi Pizza"

My most memorable experience from childhood involves a man whose name I don't recall ever knowing. My parents moved us around a lot and in this memory we lived in a large 2 1/2 bedroom apartment in a small 6-8 plex apartment building with a mahogany-finish winding staircase. I never really knew the residents around us, in spite of the fact that on the first of the month, every month, it was my mother's responsibility, as the manager, to collect rent from the tenants. That was how we came to live in that amazing apartment. The nicest place I recall us ever living.

Anyway, this old man lived upstairs in one of the apartments I never saw. I didn't recall ever seeing him but one day, the sunday paper came accompanied by a pile of candy of various types. My sister and I shared it with sheer delight. Chocolate and sweettarts and peppermint patties coated with chocolate. Even before the candy had run it's course from wrapper to tummy we began to wonder where it had come from. As had our mother who examined it all with the appropriate (and devastatingly thorough) parental scrutiny before giving in and relinquishing it to our outstretched eager paws

Surely the newspaper guy/girl/boy hadn't brought it. It had never been there before. Who would leave candy for us? The mystery went unsolved throughout the week and the following Sunday morning was like Christmas. My sister and I ran to the front door to retrieve the paper hoping that the mysterious candy faery had returned. To our childish delight we found the same scene. There, atop the newspaper, was the comic section which had been used as a tray for a pile of sweets just like the week before.

Sunday became the day we spent our entire week dreaming about. The identity of the giver remained a mystery to us, though after a few weeks my mother stopped inspecting the candy for ailments (which makes me believe that she had already identified our mysterious prince).

One day, while wondering around outside my sister and I happened upon this old man sitting beneath the tree in the "yard" of our building cooking a frozen pizza on a hibachi grill. He was the picture of old folks at that time. He wore a short sleeve polyester-looking creme and brown collared shirt with brown polyester slacks and polished loafers. His graying hair was meticulously groomed and combed in a style that was popular in the 1920's; only his slightly unkempt beard looked in the slightest haggard. He had the warmest smile I've (to this day) ever seen on a man. We approached the man with the curiousity every child has at that age and he invited us to sit with him.

I remember realizing how queer it was that he was using a grill instead of the oven I was sure sat in his kitchen. (being older now I have narrowed this down to two possibilities-the logical and the romantic--The logical explanation is that it was summer and the building did not have central air so turning on the oven would have made an apartment roast. The romantic version is that he sat out there hoping to run into us. After all, we weren't allowed out much at that time, so its sort of bizarre that on that day, we had been allowed to venture outside) In any event, he offered to share his pepperoni and sausage slightly burnt pizza. We secured the proper permission and happily joined him.

I don't recall the specifics of the conversation. I remember only that he didn't talk to me like a child, though we discussed childish things. He was polite mostly listening to the banter between the two of us with a look of content so radiating that even at my age, I knew that this kind, gentle man was enjoying without the slightest hint of perversion, the company of two goofy little girls.

We never saw the man again, though we recieved candy like clockwork for two more weekends. Neither he, nor my mom ever told us that he was giving us the candy. But I knew before we got up to go inside that day that he was responsible for those giddy mornings. And when I thanked him with a zealousness and sincerity uncharacteristic of a child my age, I hoped he understood that I meant thank you for everything.

Then one day, while leaving our home I saw a frumpy, irritated looking man my parents' age putting cartons into a truck from somewhere in our building. I knew who he was, why he was there and whose things he was clearing out even before I turned my teary eyes in my mothers direction (my mother, monster that she is capable of being, has never been surprised at this wierd occurance with me-she has never questioned it or me and has never made me feel stupid for it. In fact, in some bizarre way, i believe she always expected it and took me at my word even when she didn't know the truth for herself). I looked to her hoping that she would, just this once, tell me that I was wrong. She gave me that sad look she always gave me when she couldn't.

I started crying uncontrollably. Before we pulled away I wanted so badly to run up to that young man (the old man's son) and tell him just how lucky he was to have such an amazing human being for a father. Even if he had been rotten to the boy, even if he'd been a jerk his entire life. Perhaps he was doing his penance by being kind to a couple of kids. I wanted to tell him that his father had forever changed my life and become something of a hero in my eyes for showing unconditional and unsolicited kindness to two little girls who so badly needed that sort of attention and example. I didn't get to tell that man about how his father had shown me the kind of person I would aspire to be.

It wasn't the pizza or the candy. It was the selfless act of kindness from a stranger. It was the curious way he seemed content that day beneath the tree with his frozen pizza and penny loafers. I will remember that day long after I forget my own name. I will never forget!




KHZ are a wicked Metal band from NYC who aren't afraid to experiment with their sound. They really impressed me with their debut album 'Reality On A Finer Scale' and an interview should be here by the next issue. Here's the full review on FFRUK and PUNK GLOBE.



I really love this band and it was a pleasure getting their album hot off the press last week. I can't wait for these to come to the UK to see they play this album live. Please find the full review of 'SHAPINSKA ROCK' on FFRUK and PUNK GLOBE.



Above is Rose Kuher the guitarist and song writer for Sugar a band who fucking rock out! I was really impressed with their debut album and this is what I said about it on FFRUK and PUNK GLOBE.

FFRUK and PUNK GLOBE are constantly updated almost every day with new reviews and interviews. Please do visit them as much as possible to keep up to date with the happenings on both sites.



Swallow are a new and up and coming Punk band from the Blackpool in the North West Of England. They have their debut single coming out on Valentines Day and I will catch up with bassist (see Below) 'Syphi Lizz' for an interview very soon.



My 7 year old know what the "it" is about Punk Rock....

...more than most.


Back in December, I took my 7-year old son to see his first punk rock gig. He and I were invited to go by a singer for one of the bands, Franki Doll. She's beautiful and knows how to kick ass on stage. Not to mention a kick-ass mom who loves kids! She invited me to bring my son, Diego and let him chill back stage with her kids. At first I was a little apprehensive I mean it was a GERMS show after all ... then again how often does a kid get a chance like this ... I decided to take him and if things were too intense for him -- we'd leave.

I need to back up a little bit here to really give you some perspective on the depth and significance of this story I'm about to share so bear with me if you fact at this point you can imagine one of those rippled distortion transitions they use to accentuate a flashback okay you with me?

For the first 4.5 years of this kid's life I was his anchor. I'd have to say 70% of his time was spent alone with me. We were tight as two can be. You see I used to be one of those Moms that actually played pirates in the park instead of blathering away on her cell phone I was swinging my stick sword feverishly to defend our ship. I didnt just sing lullabies to my kids but wrote each of them their very own. We used our Disneyland passport about twice a month, because I loved it just as much as he (I for the flower gardens and people watching however not the focus group approved schmaltz that the present "Disney Empire" tries to pawn off as true Walt worthy entertainment...subject for another time sorry damn ADD) Oka, so here we are tight as two can be - and just as I consider leaving the absent father (alcoholic, cheater and lazy bones other than that we had a great time together) Ooops ~ pregnant with my second child. Damn. I sold my share of our event business to my partner and started doing marketing consulting again. I thought this would result in a 50 hour a week but instead took off like a rocket and before I knew it I was working 18-20 hour days, traveling 1-week or more out of the month. The baby was born, it was another son, who turned out to be the Prodigal son Daddys little darling so okay... you with me so far? I pretty much bail out on him, Dad loves ..2 more and then to top it off Dad's infidelities get sooooo stupid and disrespectful I do leave the dickhead and this poor little 7-year old kids sparkle is now dimmed with loathe, sorrow and loneliness.

Desperate times call for desperate measures - I'm taking him to the show - was my final decision.

The first fuck-you!

They changed the line-up and my girl's band (Franki's Broken Toys) went on first...we missed it. He's heartbroken. Fuck cut me some credit here I'm trying to show this kid a good time I say to myself.

The second fuck-you!

We walk inside and head towards the stage. My head hurt, my heart pounded and I felt rage boiling in me as the raunchy bass, screeching guitar licks and vocals that were equal to Farrakhan's ridiculous hatred. Ugh what the hell is that noise. It sounded like speed metal, vomit fronted by an angry wrapper (thats ice ice baby to you!) spewing forth his seething spit.

There was a violence infused vibe spreading through the crowd. The pit looked fierce. I called my friend and told her we were there. No response. A fight broke out and I turned his curious face towards the opposite direction to point out a blue mohawk. The fight exploded in to a riot. I saw one of her kids heading straight for the melee. My heart raced. My kid is still checking people out and has his back turned to the scene. Someone grabs the little girl and bailed out a side door. The riot had at this point splashed up and out of the pit and over the retention wall into the tables. A waitress was kicked in the face. That was enough for me. I grab my little buddys hand and started towards the exit. We are met by the Cops who were are rushing in the front door and then locked behind them. 'Fucking no-one is leaving right now!' said a loud serious voice.

I looked at my son, his expression was still clueless. There is a downstairs bar which was oddly unoccupied. Sanctuary. The music went on, provoking, taunting the angst and anger. We ordered two cherry cokes. He asks me to call her again. I get her voicemail and I know she's on her way to take her kids home and don't know what to say to him. Damn. I felt like I let him down. Just another disappointment for him, what a total bust. He was admiring some vintage show posters on the wall behind us and then he finally decides to say something.

Seven fuck-yous at once.

"Mom", he says with clever discovery. "That guy's shirt says the f-word, seven times"

I laugh. Yep you are after all out past ten, this is what "night" looks like. And there are some bad-ass grown-ups acting like teenagers around us but they are still adults and can do what they like. You know~rowdy rock-n-roll kind of people and this is their playground ... you're just going to have to ignore that kind of stuff"

He pondered for a moment then asks, "Since I'm out with the adults, can I say the f-word?"

"Certainly not!" said I but then I realized this was one of those desperate measures...for desperate times "But I'll show you how to do it in sign language so when the band plays your favorite song you can wave the "bird" at them"
We practice. We laugh. We decide to bail. Just as we were leaving, my friend came back and finally we went back stage hung with the bands a bit. He was on cloud-nine!! Just before the Germs went on we decided to go home.

The last fuck you!
It was just after midnight and raining hard when we left. He fell asleep in the car for the 20-minute ride home. He woke up when we got home as if he had the finest rest of his life. Wired and full of questions, he and I lay on my bed discussing the night.

"Those people seemed really mad and angry" he said in a way that seemed as if he accidentally let a private thought slip out.

"Yeah." I said "Punk has a lot of feeling in it huh?"

"Uh huh. But why was everyone so mad, and fighting like that?"

I was then that I knew HE WAS TAKING IT ALL IN! Damn, he played it soo cool, what a brave little shit!

"Well bud anger lives in our bellies unlike the other emotions that live in our hearts or our minds. And anger hates to be isolated and lonely, so when someone lets their anger seep out of their mouths... the anger inside of other people hears it and comes out too. Does that make sense?"

"Yes." he said. Then almost in a whisper he said it..."I have a lot of anger in my belly."

"Oh yeah?" I pretended to be nonchalant. "Want to tell me about it?"

"Not really" his eyes welled up.

"I've got an idea" I jumped up and went into my office I grabbed a white board I have yet to hang that is about 2.5' x 3.5 and a handful of markers. I came back to my room and laid it on the floor. "Why don't we make one of those punk rock posters and you can write down all the things that piss you off and I'll even let you use bad words"

"Okay!" He started with ... I'm pissed off because I'm lonely. I hate my little brother because he ruined my life. My dad loves him more. My Mom doesn't laugh with me as much anymore and doesn't let me watch rated "R" movies even though my dad does (yeah but I'll take him to a riot punk rock show he he he) and she works all the time. I hate that my ears hear but my mind doesn't listen all the time (he's got ADD), my cousins do bad things and then say I did it and my Dad doesn't believe me...which is fucking went on like this for a while. (At some point he handed me the marker and just dictated as I furiously scribed his rants.)

I tried hard to fight the tears but they just started rolling down my cheeks. I hugged him and he started to cry too. We laid down on my bed in silence. He reached over and turned on the CD-player beside my bed...which of course were not sleepy time songs but Bad Religion's 1982 release of 'How could hell get any worse' The time on the clock was about 4:30 a.m. and we listened until we were both fast asleep.

When we woke up the next morning I looked at the poster we had made and I took a picture of it and then typed out his complaints for memories.

As I made breakfast, I was filled with much grief and relief all rolled into one big realization--that he had been holding in these heavy emotions for a long time--and not I, nor his Dad, his grand-parents, his school teacher, his Sunday school teacher, nor the family counselor, friends, relatives etc. were a safe house to him. None of us could get him to open up and say that much about his hurt feelings at once.

He went into that show angry and lonely and left feeling validated and part of something bigger than himself. Simply put he was feeling "IT". And isn't "IT" what it's all about? not about clothes, the charts, which bands rock and which ones suck's simply an outlet for everything we hate about our surroundings and ourselves.

I was 12 when it rescued me from my emotional demons and now, almost 24 years later it helped my kid. Yes it's true...My kid is truly FUCKING PUNK ROCK and you can see a picture of him from that night on my profile if you are interested, about 1/2 way down under music.

He changed that night -- and here's one for you, Mrs. Tipper Gore--you fucking moronic bitch! it was a change for the BETTER!





Coming soon is a full interview with Missy Erica an alternative model based in California. More in next issue. In the meantime check out her site.



The gorgeous and talented Lynda Mandolyn of FABULOUS DISASTER has some of her solo work on line. Go and check it out.



This wicked Aussie Rock N Roll outfit 'The Jacknives' have their wicked album 'Jacknife Inn' out and it's not bad at all. It came today and I have the review on line already! Here it is:

"Hurrah this beauty came this morning and I´ve been playing it ever since! The Jacknives are a highly charged Rock N Roll band from Perth in Australia and this album is well worthy of checking out! There´s a few influences in here but what comes to mind for me is they remind me of a cross between the Cramps, Nashville Pussy and the Horrorpops. Musically this band are very talented and this shows on all ten tracks. Best tracks for me are ´Oh Baby Why´, ´Necrpolis´ and ´On The Prowl´. Production is excellent and while at times some bands have a too clean sound for this type of music I think the Jacknives have it pretty spot on. Fans of Rock N Roll, Garage Punk, Psychobilly and Swing will love this baby". (Self Financed) 10/10



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